15 October 2007

What I've Been Up To

While running errands last Thursday on my day off, my car said "Brake Failure" again followed by "Reduced Engine Performance" followed by "Service Required." I called thinking I would take it in on Friday around lunch but found out they couldn't guarantee a loaner vehicle then, but they could now. So we (me and Anna - it was girls day) drove to the dealership to drop it off. This was after we had been running our errands.

Which included

  • A trip to Once Upon a Child
    The mission was a coat for Carter and ballet shoes for Anna.
    Great success. Down Gap coat, can't tell it was ever worn for him for $15. Ballet shoes a size too big but she'll grow into them for $5.

    This store is awesome. I resisted a Tommy Hilfiger blue velour zip up jacket for Carter for $7 and some Kenneth Cole jeans for him for $8. I did get some Gymboree corduroys and a sweater with a dog on it, I think about $6 or $7 bucks each. I wish there was one closer to us. There is a Children's Orchard near me but they don't seem to have the name brands and the clothes aren't in as good of condition. However, I did get Anna's winter coat there for $8 (Old Navy hot pink) and snow pants (purple look never worn) for $7.

  • A trip to Crate and Barrel to get these for my mom for her birthday

  • A trip to pick up our packets for the Pumpkin Run. Unfortunately we had to cancel the race on Saturday morning due to lightening. It was the first time we've ever had to cancel and was such a let down since this is the first year for the race since Jayne passed away. We had a record 2513 registrants and 1500 actually showed up on race day despite the down pouring.

Soooo, when I had to go to the dealership to drop off my car I had to unload all of this stuff. plus two car seats. plus my diaper bag. plus the coats I had been carrying around for each of us (the weather is hot then cold then hot then cold).

The service guy asked if we were moving in.
Sorry, we weren't planning on coming by.

I just picked my car up today. After having an XC90 for the weekend. We looked like we had his and hers in our driveway. And you should have seen me try to park that thing in my side of the garage.


I got some scrapbooking done this weekend. After the kids go to bed I will see if I can post pics of the layouts. So inspired by all the scrapbooking - and that Lisa at work asked about one - I am planning another scraptacular party. Details to come.

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