28 October 2007

Weekend Update


I picked up Chilis on the way home and Kevin and I watched Godfather Part I on A&E. Except I couldn't stay awake for the last 20 minutes, which I'm told is what the entire movie leads up to. I'm sure they will rerun it again and I'll catch the ending. This was the first time I have ever seen this movie, to Kevin's amazement.


Anna had dance and it was costume week so she wore her Halloween costume to class. I didn't do Zumba because I couldn't get a sitter and Kevin had to work.

We made cookies at home for the new neighbors across the street. We keep waiting for "the big truck" but I guess they're moving in one Suburban load at a time. Or maybe it came during the day when we weren't here. The woman said she has 10 kids. Only 5 live at home still and the youngest is 9. She has a 14 month old grandchild. I heard from another neighbor that she is widowed. Her Geek Squad guy showed up right as we dropped off the cookies so we didn't get to talk too long. She did say she has twin 13 year old daughters, and I told her we'd love to have them babysit. She said they'd all come over to meet the kids sometime.

Sam and Candi invited us over for dinner and made white chicken chili and corn bread. We took an appetizer dip and chips and the leftover cookies for dessert. We played Settlers of Catan again and I won one game. Yea for me.


Carter woke up with pink eye. I swear if you just say the words Pink Eye around my kids they get it. I saw a sign at the daycare, in a room that Carter doesn't spend much time in, that they had 2 confirmed cases last week. Yea, I get to try to work from home tomorrow with a sick baby. Good times. Poor thing though, he has a cold too I think because he is all snotty and plus he's cutting two teeth so he just doesn't feel good. I keep giving him tylenol and motrin to help.

Even so, after his morning nap and everyone ate lunch the kids and I ran some errands.

We finally got around to dragging the scanner to the dr. - aka Radio Shack - to see if they can fix it. They told me I have the wrong power adapter but they didn't have a right one. She wrote down what I needed and sent me on my way. I asked her if she thought Best Buy would have it and she said I should call. Yea right. I used to date a guy in high school that worked at Best Buy. Those guys could care less. So not sure if I should try to track this power adapter down or just buy a new scanner. Buying a new one seems easier, but finding a power adapter seems cheaper.

Either way I need to get one working so I can finish collecting the photos for the memory album I'm making for my grandparents for Christmas. Speaking of which, I read a great entry on another blog about journaling old photos.

We also made it to Target, Babies R Us and Wal-mart. While I was at Babies R Us I realized I am really picky about some of my baby purchases. I trekked all the way over there specifically to get a Carter's brand mattress pad/cover and one of their flannel lap pad protectors in a full crib size (not sure what they are exactly called but they are like lap pads except much bigger). This makes it so I only have to change a sheet when a diaper leaks, instead of changing all of the bedding. These big lap pad protectors are also great for Anna's twin bed when she has an accident, which is still known to happen. But you can't find them at Wal-mart or Target. Anyway, mom tip for anyone who is collecting those.

I resisted buying a work bench shape sorter for Carter and a steering wheel/driving toy for Carter, and a basket ball and baseball toy for Carter. We really don't have many boy toys (hee hee that sounds bad but I'm not going to edit) and Carter keeps playing with Anna's kitchen but that's ok. Maybe he'll be a good cook when he grows up.

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Amanda said...

Carter can cook for me anytime...well as soon as he can use real flames and such.