19 October 2007

I couldn't even make this up

On Fridays the kids ride to work with me and my mom meets us there to pick up the kids. This way my mom doesn't have to get up quite so early. We usually go through the drive thru at Starbucks on my way - by Friday I need the caffiene.

So this morning we were on our usual drive, listening to the Disney Greatest Hits Volume 1 which includes tunes like Zippidy Doo Da, Kiss the Girl, that one from the Jungle Book and Anna was just chattin it up...

anna: What is that mommy?
me: Looks like a big hill.
anna: No, it's a mountain. You have to walk up it.
me: That would be a lot of hard work.
anna: No you have to go up a snowy mountain, not a grassy mountain. That's silly.

and you take a sleigh.

me (did a double take): a sleigh?
anna: yes.
me: What do you do with it?
anna: You put it away.
me: Do you slide down the mountain on the sleigh?
anna: NO, you go UP the mountain. (implied: you idiot)
me: oh ok.
anna: then you put it away and have supper. Grandma calls it supper.

We continue on our usual route on an overpass where there is usually a train sitting.

me: there's a train.
anna: we need a moving train, not a stopping train.

and continuing on...

anna: Look, what's that?
me: (looks like small piles of dirt from a digger) I don't know.
anna: I think they're building a mall so we can go there. An indoor mall.

more disney...

anna: don't talk mommy.
me: silence
anna: say "no"
me: no
anna: no mommy. say no again.
me: no again.

I think I only amused myself.

In Starbucks drive through. Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious playing in the background.

me: What is Carter doing? Is he asleep?
anna: He's looking at Starbucks.
me: What are you looking at Carter?
anna: I don't think he wants to talk right now.

anna: If you climb up a Starbucks it would be really dangerous right mommy?
me: right.

anna: How did they make Starbucks mommy?
me: I don't know anna
anna: Me neither!

I get my coffee from the barista and she says "OH, do you have a princess in there!?" I'm like, I guess. I had completely forgotten she was wearing a tiara she found in a toybox this morning.

It was pretty continuous for the entire drive and highly entertaining.

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