24 October 2007

Latin Moves

So on Saturdays Anna goes to dance (tap/ballet) and I noticed that there was a class going on for women at the same time. So last Saturday I decided to take the class rather than sit on my ass and watch Anna.

The class is called Zumba and Candi has taken it at a gym before. She raved about her gay instructor who would scream WATER when you were supposed to take a break. I don't think my instructors were quite as motiviational but it is rather fun. It made me realize how out of shape I am. I took the class last Saturday and I am just now feeling back to normal. I could hardly walk on Sunday, although I'm sure the dancing at Hilloween didn't help either.

They call it latin dance moves. but really its more like hip hop. and i think i'm doing it right until i look in the mirror and realize how ridiculous i look. but so does everyone else so what the hell.

the instructor has a great ass and i just kept thinking, if i keep doing this mine could look like that too. so here's to getting off my ass to make it look better.

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