04 October 2007

The Sink Drama Continues

So while I was out of town Merry Maids had the sink replaced. (To get up to speed you can read the previous posting.) But, it is not the right sink. Mind you they TOOK the original sink after they ordered the incorrect one last time to make sure they got hte RIGHT sink. But it is not the right sink. And, now they have broken the pedestal as well.

I had the owner of my Merry Maids franchise come to the house today and showed her what is wrong.

Old sink

Current sink

This is where they broke the pedestal.

She of course apologized and said they will make it right. But I feel it is now my responsibility to find the right sink since they seem incapable of doing so and are clearly trusting a plumbing company who is incompetent (Pyramid Plubming in Grandview you suck).

So I have contacted Crane directly to see what to do since you cannot purchase directly from their site, nor am I 100% sure if I have the right model number because their website sucks. Um, it's 2007 people, get a better web site. Call me Crane, we'll hook you up.

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