06 October 2007

Tassie Eats Again

Tassie has been eating various items around the house again. Kevin didn't lock her up when he came to pick me up from the airport on Wednesday. I think she ate a toy that day. On Thursday, while I was home, she ate some of Anna's happy meal doll toys. Itty bitty pieces of plastic arms and legs were scattered by the front door. Yesterday she was locked up and she worked on eating the drywall Kevin had already repaired. This means there are white chalky pieces all over and therefore white chalky paw prints.

Sonar has not been an angel either. Yesterday and Today he has gotten into the kitchen trash can and shredded trash around the house.

Today Tassie Has Eaten:
One orange plastic pool toy on the deck.

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Susan said...

Hank had a few issues with eating things when we first got him. After we started taking him on walks every morning,though, it went away. Maybe there's someone in your neighborhood who would walk your dogs in exchange for web help? :)