01 January 2009

Christmas #4 and SATO

The final of the Christmas festivities was at Kevin's parents last weekend.

Anna got a lot of furniture for her doll house. Carter got a big-wheel-motorcycle (which Anna has been riding around the house) and a walking dragon kind of like the dinosaur Santa brought.

It was really warm the first day so they got to walk around the farm.

They watched DVDs in the car all the way through without asking me to change the movie every 15 minutes. They watched Bee Movie 3 times in 3 days.

Carter learned that if he says he has poopy pants we will pull over and stop and take him out of his car seat, only to discover he is completely dry.

After we got back I subsequently spent about 4 or 5 hours over the next few days early this week doing what I have now dubbed SATO or the "Semi Annual Toy Organization" (see the first one from this year here). I bought some new storage boxes for Carter's room and finally moved the pink ones to Anna's room (yes, he's two and I still hadn't moved the pink accessories).

It was the year of a million little pieces now that Anna is 4 and in to barbies which come with (slutty) shoes, skirts, arm ruffles, necklaces, you name it. Luckily Carter has been pretty good about not putting this stuff in his mouth. yet.

I feel good starting the new year with some order in my life.

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