25 January 2009

Cabin Fever

Last week started out with Carter being sick and me leaving work early on Monday. It ended with Anna being sick and me getting in another partial day on Friday. Yesterday I felt achy and very sleepy. Took a two hour nap and have basically been a pharmacy dishing out drugs to anyone who wants them.

I feel covered in germs. The kids have runny noses and this horrible wet cough and keep forgetting to cover their mouths, and seem to always hack up a lung near or around my food or face. The house definitely needs a detox.

Anna was still running a fever at 2 am last night.

This is the time of year when I am done with winter and unfortunately have about 3 more months to go. The tornado sirens actually went off on Friday night when it was snowing. Very bizarre. We were going to call 911 because the announcement kept saying to take cover immediately, which of course we didn't, but we couldn't find the phone - the only benefit I've decided to having a non-cordless phone from the 80's. Everyone knows that tornados come in April between 4-6 pm, not in January at 8:30 pm.

It's bitterly cold and snowing again today. The kind of cold where it is also blusterly windy and even though you are wearing a sweater, coat, hat, mittens and scarf you are cursing the weather and seriously asking yourself why you live here because it's not possible that anyone actually enjoys this. It makes me not want to leave the house, which is good for my pocketbook but bad for my mood and motivation.

And means the kids watch entirely too much TV and the house is destroyed because somehow they manage to move toys from the top level to the bottom level and everywhere in between in about 2 minutes flat. Carter keeps asking "Go Bye Bye?" every five minutes. I think he's tired of being here.

They are yelling "HIP HIP HOORAY FOR SNOW. CMON CARTER LET'S RIDE TO THE PARADE IN SNOW." Then hopping on their ride on toys and driving around the house. Don't you have big wheels inside your house for transportation?

We watched Miss America (or whatever beauty pageant was on tv last night) for about 5 minutes last night and I thought it was hysterical that although it was the swimsuit competition rocking out to JT's Sexy Back and each tiny tall model was wearing an itty bitty black bikini Anna only seemed to notice the hair color of each model. "She has the same color hair as me" or "She doesn't have the same color hair as me" and of course "You have that song in your car mommy."

So c'mon SPRING!

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