20 January 2009

On the day you were born

I need to add some journaling to the two blank blue blocks, about how he had to have formula right away to help bring some numbers down they were concerned about. And about how we brought Anna with us to the hospital to help her "get it" and then she left with Papa and Grandma after he was born and came back later to visit me. This outfit with the grey sweatpants and black shirt are the only clothes I wanted to wear at the end of my pregnancy with Carter. Jeans were so uncomfortable, probably because I turned out to have a toddler, not a baby.





RunToFinish said...

he was indeed a toddler!

Susan said...

And just think - you rocked KCSTKWEB with that big ol' boy in your belly. I don't know how you did it.

Great job on the layouts! You are shaming me and my crappy blog performance of late.