18 January 2009

Flower Girl + Tips for Alphabet Letters

I'm a scrap maniac lately. Did this LO yesterday, along with an Easter one I'll post tomorrow.

This LO uses a bunch of leftover KI Memories chipboard flower pieces I forgot I even had. The letter stickers I've also had for years and not used because there was only one of each letter.

But wait - you say - there are two l's and two r's in "Flower Girl".

Candi and I have become the queens of transforming letters into other letters. I cut the K into an L and cut an N into an R, even rounding the corner. Genius we are.

Other letter tips - cut the tail off a d or q to make an a. Turn a n or u upside to flip to the opposite letter. Cut the tail off an h to make an n (or u). I've even turned a V upside down to make it an A.




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