22 January 2009


We had my work holiday party last night at Dave and Busters. We always do this in January since December is always so crazy. I have been there 5 years as of this month. I think most people get a clock after they've faithfully worked at their company for 5 years. I wasn't exepecting anything.

I got two roundtrip tickets anywhere in the continental US. And some very kind words from Neal. Very surprised. And thankful.

Yesterday during the day my car did that dreaded thing it occasionally does. It says Brake Failure and you push the accelerator to the floor and it doesn't go and then it says Reduced Engine Performance. Then I turn on my hazards, try not to freak out, put the car in park, turn it off, wait, turn it back on. Then it says Engine System Service Required and a bunch of other crap and still says Brake Failure. I then call someone to come meet me. This time I turned the car off for about 5 minutes and when I turned it back on it was fine. This was Kevin's idea which was a good idea since every time this has happened before I tow it in to the dealership and they can't figure out what's wrong with it. So annoying. It happens like once a year.

Today I took Anna to the dentist for a filling. It was also between two teeth so she needed two fillings. And he said the first one was pretty deep so that tooth may still go bad. Great. I didn't ask what happens at that point. I'm not sure I want to know. She did great.

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