12 January 2009

"Mommy you're a good cook when you don't fire dinner."

That's right, I totally started a fire in the oven tonight. Everyone's salmon was done except Kevin's cause I had made his a little thicker and I wanted to finish it off so I put it on the top rack just for 2 more minutes under the broiler. I even set the timer. Opened it up to check it right before the timer and flames were all over. My reaction.

FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! FIRE! Anna who was already eating at the table started to flip out.

Think. Close the oven door.

Enter Kevin who took it from the oven and put it in the sink and doused it with water. Smoke everywhere. We had to open the windows and let the 20 degree bitter wind blow through the house to air it out.

The kids were all worked up about it. We talked about fire all through dinner.

Kevin ate tortilla cheese rollups while the rest of us enjoyed the potato chip crusted salmon. Sorry babe. Especially sorry if I ruined the oven.

"Mommy you're a good cook when you don't fire dinner." Thanks Anna.

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