13 January 2009


This is one of my favorite layouts. Love this picture of Carter that was taken on the way back from Nashville when we stopped to visit Chip and Step and were all at the park.

That adorable little boy threw up all over me last night. My internet connection prevented me from posting this last night. Just as I clicked Publish it died. So I still consider myself meeting the daily posting commitment I made :) Look for another layout later today.


RunToFinish said...

oh icky on the puke, but you should totally post a page on each post it's great!

Susan said...

Love the layouts. Hope Carter is okay and it was just one of those weird throw up things. Cameron threw up a little the other night from crying. It landed on the comforter and Brian totally freaked out. I was like "Please, once you've been covered in vomit, THEN you can freak." :)