25 December 2008

"It Smells Like Santa Has Been Here" aka Christmas #3

That was the quote of the day from Anna.

Anna woke up saying "Will. Some. Bod. eee. Come. Wake. Me. Up!" from her room. I got up there and she went to the bathroom while I went in to change Carter's diaper. She came into his room...

"Mommy! Santa came and he brought me what I always wanted!"

What's that?

still whipsering...
"A rocking chair! And it's full of stuffed animals!"

Before we opened gifts Carter insisted on eating a breakfast bar.

Santa brought Anna a rocking chair, a singing barbie and a giraffe.

Santa brought Carter a walking dinosaur and a tool work bench.

Opening Stockings...

Make way for the dinosaur

Kevin had no idea I got him the Wii.

Merry Christmas to all and and to all a good night.


RunToFinish said...

what she always wanted huh? that's pretty great

TnT Momma said...

I had to laugh at Kevin's reaction. He actually looks a lot like the twins when they opened their Wii! :-)