04 December 2008

Happy Bday Baby Boy

Carter turned 2 last Saturday. Happy Birthday my sweet baby Carter.

Today he had is checkup. I thought he would get shots but he didn't, so I gave him a dose of Tylenol for nothing. oh well.

36 inches tall - 90th percentile
29 pounds - 75th percentile
90th percentile for head size

At two you love...

...Mickey Mouse
...playing with your sister
...music and dancing, although your version of dancing is jumping
...grandma and papa
...the dogs
...reading books

At two you say...

...2 and 3 word sentences all the time
"dink peas"
"uh oh mommy"
"mo milk mommy"
"good morning anna"

...4 word sentences occasionally like
"I unt juice mommy"

... animals names by picture and say their corresponding noises. You like to tease me at the end of one of the books by joking that a dog says "oink oink"

... All of your body parts

You sing...

...Jingle Bells
...most of the ABCs although it's a little fuzzy after P sometimes

At two we are dealing with...

...your hitting when you can't express via words how you feel
...unexplainable mood swings I can only equate to a 15 year old girl
...taking away the binky

I love it when...

...you put your hand on my back when you're first laying down on the changing table in the morning. As if to say "good morning mommy"

...you cuddle with me on the couch

...you play so well with your sister, like two peas in a pod

...you wake up happy and playing in your crib

...you still let me rock you at night and lay your head on my chest with your blankie

When Anna turned 2 I was just pregnant with Carter. Not planning on doing that again right now. Of course, we weren't planning on doing that then either. ha. no seriously. not now.


Susan said...

Happy Birthday Carter! I absolutely love that video. And was that Anna off camera saying "Now take a video of me"? He's growing so fast. I can't believe my own baby boy is 17 months old today.

RunToFinish said...

ohhh my 2 years..that just does not seem possible