02 December 2008

Hello December

This evening Anna has been singing Christmas caroles from her program at daycare. They do a Christmas play and she is an angel she tells me.

I've been having a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit this year for some reason. I'm not motivated to buy presents, haven't gotten a single decoration out and haven't made my Christmas list. Even with our first snow on Sunday morning and having a snow ball fight with the kids and sledding down the hill in our mountain of one inch of snow, I haven't gotten excited yet.

But I was slightly inspired by the "pa rum puh pun pun" that Anna kept singing over and over and over and over while I was making dinner tonight. She also knows all the words to silent night and away in a manger. I was very impressed. I don't even know all the words to away in a manger.

Ali is doing a Daily December album. I had considered doing this and maybe I still will later after just documenting in the blog each day (although I missed yesterday but I could write about the first snow or Cyber Monday for my job - we sent about 750,000 emails) but with so many unfinished projects looking me in the face I decided not to start another.

Carter went "pee on potty" twice today and received a cute certificate for doing so.

NOW HERE'S something I'm excited about! Britney announced a tour this morning and tickets were already on sale. Thank god my friend Ramsey had emailed me about this - it was the first email I opened - scrambled to get Ticketmaster open and search for tickets - wait, what are premium tickets - how much are those - what are these packages - Candi, candi, I must call my friend Candi before I buy tickets. Whew - after all was settled I am happy with our Section 107 Row 21 seats. But imagine what we could have gotten if I had just received that email one hour earlier. Or turned on Good Morning America instead of the Today Show. Oh well. Now I just have to wait for April 2nd. Kind of like a Christmas present for myself I guess.

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