17 April 2008

How would you entertain a 16 month old for 9 hours in the car?

"I like tree branches" "I like pink"

Random quotes from anna tonight, back-to-back.


Flower girl dress came yesterday for Anna. 2 weeks late I might add, which was making me very nervous. Luckily it all worked out. The size 2 in a tea length fits her perfect as if it were a floor length dress.

I'm all about getting ready for the trip. Dogs got shots today so they can be boarded. I've been picking up lots of car activities - although I have no idea what to entertain Carter with. He's 16 months. Ideas?


Two days and no bites at daycare.


Did toy organization today on the main floor. This involves taking all the toys out of the baskets and storage tubs and putting them back in a way that makes sense. All the 0-12 month toys that had made it downstairs went back upstairs. Broken ones go in the trash. I put the books on the two lower shelves on our entertainment center since I can't really put anything else on those - Carter will just pull it off and they wouldn't all fit in the basket anyway. One thing is clear - we have way too many stuffed animals and we need to have a garage sale. For sure.

Would you believe we rarely buy toys? Here they are all organized. Surprisingly they didn't even go in here when they got home from daycare. We'll see how long it lasts.


Christian Mom said...

You can say "bad mommy" if you want, but the only way I survivied 12 hours to Ohio with the twins when they were this age was a portable DVD player. I can honestly say that's how I got hooked on Kim Possible - they watched (and I listened to) her movie about 6 times that trip! Traveling at night or nap times seems to help too, if you can swing it. We also "mixed up" the seating arrangments at times - gram drove the van while I sat in the middle with one of them and the other sat in the very back - or mix all that up. Or 3 people in the very back and no one in the middle (which just felt weird). Any way around it, it's not necessarily the funnest thing to do (which is also why the boys and I are FLYING to Ohio THIS summer!)

Stephanie said...

Since I am an old pro at driving 9 hours I can honestly agree that its the DVD player that makes it. We never have any toys in the car, only movies, now I may have to change them often ubt it does occupy them! Charlie has had his since he was 7 months old! hee hee Can't wait to see you guys!

Stephanie said...

I also wanted to add......wait until you see how our home has been taken over by toys, including the basement, and now the formal living room as if the hearth room was not enough:) fun times!