14 April 2008

Bitten Again

So I called about the biting last Wed. On Thursday Carter was with me all day because he had his checkup and I like to keep them after they get shots. Friday he was there for a few hours until my mom picked them up.

So he was at day care maybe four hours since I called and he was bitten again today. Kevin picked them up and said he didn't see a note so I'm not even sure they saw it. He had a long sleeved shirt on and I didn't notice it until I gave him a bath.

If this child is supposed to be separated from the others how did my child get bit? I'm calling again tomorrow.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Am I overreacting?

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Kim said...

We had a very similiar issue when Julian was about this age. It was a little girl who apprantly bit a lot, but preferred to bite Julian (now when ever I pick him up and she is there she asks if he can come over and play) I spoke with the Director on several occasions and threatened to pull him if they didn't get control over it. So, no I don't think you are overreacting. They attempted to keep her away from the other kids, but with 6 or 8 kids to one adult, that is not realistic. They actually put her in a different class for a while and worked with her parents on discipline and aversion techniques and she eventually stopped.

I hope it stops soon, I know what it's like to walk into the school and wonder if your child got bit that day!

Poor Carter!