09 April 2008

Go Royals

Tent, tarp, port-a-potty, coolers, chairs, chips, dip, hamburgers, hot dogs, bailyes, coffee, smirnoff, beer, coat, scarf, mittens and more. The home opener was great except for the weather. We bundled up under blankets and enjoyed kicking the yankees' asses! And tonight we shut them out.

Go Royals - we're 6 and 2 and I have to relish every moment that we're above .500

It was Anna's first home opener game and a tradition I hope to start for her that will last a long time. We had no eating rules. This meant she had half a bag of cheetos followed by chips and french onion dip, capri sun and then one bite of hamburger. Then cotton candy in the first inning. She promptly took a 30 minute nap in my lap.

The pics are on Candi's camera - coming soon.

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