30 April 2008

Back home safe and sound

We made it back on Monday night around 6. We are settling back into our normal routine. I had two days back and work and am already excited to have Thursday off. What is it about being gone that makes you not want to go back?

On the way back from Nashville we stopped outside Louisville to visit our friends Chip and Steph. They have two cute kids and Anna and Carter were so glad to see rooms full of toys to play with after being limited to our hotel room and the small duffel bag of toys I brought. They definitely have Elmo and Thomas covered. Come to our house for princesses, dress up and art projects.

We also went to the River Walk where they were having a festival and Anna and Charlie got to ride ponies

and jump in the inflatable bouncers. Then we headed to a nearby park.

Everyone slept well that night!

We had so much fun with them and wish we could have stayed longer!

The next day on our way back we stopped in Mount Vernon IL at a McD's to let the kids play on the playland and eat lunch but the playland was closed. I could have killed them. I just stared in disbelief at the sign. We ate and left. Which meant...

The last two hours of the ride back were pretty rough.

Overall good trip! I'm uploading 124 pictures to Kodak Gallery so you'll be getting that link in your email tomorrow. If you're not on the list leave a comment below and I'll add you.

Awesome video of Anna coming soon...

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