09 April 2008

Get your teeth off my baby

There is a biter in Carter's class. Poor thing. I've tried to be really understanding, after all Anna liked to bite so what goes around comes around right? Well enough is enough.

Over the past 6 weeks or so Carter has been bitten on both arms, both legs, his back, his chest and yesterday on his face.

The kind of bites that leave teeth marks and sometimes bruise.

I finally called to complain and sounds like the child is biting all the kids and teachers. They aren't punishing him because he's doing it because he's teething, not as a form of aggression. But maybe if he was punished he wouldn't do it anymore. He is old enough to know that it's ok to bite a teething toy and not a person. Carter gets timeout at home. He knows.

Of course he also likes to go sit next to Anna when she is in timeout and pretend to cry to be just like her. It's very cute and I need to get a picture.

Anyways, the kid is supposedly being isolated during group play. Hopefully that's the end of it.

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