13 August 2007

We remove stitches at our house

So last Wednesday we had a "big thing" happen. My 3 year old daughter fell at daycare and hit her head and needed about 10 stitches. Today my husband removed them while I held her down as she cried. Poor thing.

Here are the pics before the stitches were removed.

Sorry I don't have any "after" pics yet. I was hungry so we ate dinner instead.

Any recommendations to prevent scarring? So far I've heard neosporin, mederma, sunscreen and a baby diaper cream that I forgot the name of.

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aittaniemi said...

ohhhh... poor thing! At least she got her stitches out. I didn't realize she would get them out so soon! Hope it went well...

My recommendation is PreVentin-AT Advanced Scar Therapy Vanishing Intesive Serum.