27 August 2007


But I am all caught up on Tivo-ed Big Brother, so it's clear that my priorities are in check.

When I feel disorganized at the house then I feel disorganized all over. I started tackling this by organizing my desk at work today. My cubemate and I pulled an Office Space move on Friday by removing one of the cube panels between our desks so that we could see each other. We "talked" to each other all day long but really I was talking to a grey wall. For two years I've talked to a wall. Since we can't have a window to the outside world it's sort of like the next best thing. But don't worry, I'm not bringing any dead fish to work.

When I feel disorganized or like I can't remember more than two things (most days) I become a list-maker. I start these in my head until they make it to my little notebook I've started carrying in my purse. This notebook is also filled with things Anna says that I think are cute and know I won't remember later.

Not that you probably care but I feel like I did a lot today, aside from work

  • Remembered to take dry cleaning to the office for pickup (hm, doesn't solve problem of what to wear to meeting tomorrow)
  • At daycare, remembered items to pick up to donate to gift baskets to be raffled at a pancake breakfast
  • Trip to Wal-fart to get milk (we had none), diet mountain dew (phone request from Kevin), and gift basket items
  • Turned into trip to Wal-fart to get all of the above and then some
  • Stood in line forever to get conditioner at the hair salon at Wal-fart waiting for lady to figure out how to give me the appropriate sale discount while I said at least 100 times "Anna please stop touching that." "Anna put that back." and repeatedly answered the question "Mommy what's this?" like "It's hairspray" "It's gel" "It smoothing serum" "I don't know what that is for" She kept putting the TIGI Bed Head gel item which had a skinny-tube-like-top into her ear "Stop putting that in your ear." OMG can I pay yet? Meanwhile during all of this Carter sat in the cart and chewed on the top of the milk container, I'm sure it's clean
  • Realize it's too late to fix dinner, head to Wendy's
  • Oops forgot to give Anna fruit snacks for the ride home, stop in Wendy's parking lot to retrieve fruit snacks from the trunk to avoid crying meltdown
  • Wendy's, home, eat, feed Carter, kids to bed, organize gift basket items into kids backpacks, check Carter's report card and fill backpack with requested items, watch BB, work on some meeting notes, blog, go to bed

I think in life there are list-makers and non-list-makers. My husband is a non-list-maker. I think most working moms are probably list-makers. I'm not sure about the stay at home moms.

Today Tassie Ate:
1 book about baby dinosaurs

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Schavee said...

I love the "Today Tassie Ate" portion of your blog. I believe Black Labs are the sharks of the dog world in that they will eat anything that isn't nailed down.