22 August 2007

Candy Land

This is an update to comments from an earlier post.

Actually, we own two versions of Candy Land.

We have traditional Candy Land.

AND we have Dora the Explorer Candy Land.

Actually what's funnier is that later that night Anna was playing with the game and putting the little figurines on the board and she pulls out Diego (for those of you without kids Diego is Dora's friend and he actually also has his own spinoff show on Nickelodeon now) and Anna says "Tassie ate Diego's legs."

Diego has no legs. I had totally forgotten about this.


Amanda said...

We have two versions on monopoly and we don't even have kids... I"m not sure what that says about our sophistication level. But in case you are wondering, we have regular monopoly and of course Nascar monopoly.

Girly girl said...

nice. we have simpsons monopoly.