18 August 2007

Grown Ups Only

After reflecting on my previous post I think the only regret I started to feel was not spending enough time with my husband. And what better way to start than to get rid of the kids.

So Friday was grown ups night. Every Friday night we go out to dinner with our best friends and usually we also have the kids. Table for 7 please.

But last night Sam and Candi left their baby with Sam's parents and we left our kids with my parents. All night. Ahhhh. The joy of eating an entire meal while it is still hot and without helping anyone else pee. Three of us got slightly intoxicated and then we all went to see Super Bad. Pretty funny stuff.

There is nothing like sleeping in and waking up on your own time. Which happened to be 9:30 today. Usually I wake up to either 1) Anna patting the bed next to me and whining "I need a snack" or 2) Anna crying or 3) Carter crying or 4) Both Anna and Carter crying. This treat to sleep in was awesome since Anna was up on Thursday night and I ended up falling asleep in her bed for who knows how long. When I woke up freezing (apparently we have the air turned down too far up there) I made it back to my own bed around 3 am.

So tonight I feel caught up on sleep and am loading old CDs into iTunes. How old?

Color Me Bad
Prince 1999
Clueless Soundtrack
Say Anything Soundtrack
Top Gun Soundtrack

Apparently I liked a lot of soundtracks in the 80s.


Tassie was great on Thursday since she was never left alone. Sonar on the other hand got into the trash and chewed on the empty ice cream container.

2 more balls from the ball pit.
1 piece of pink jumbo chalk from Anna's easel. Smeared all over the hard wood floors.

Here's what trouble looks like

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aittaniemi said...

YAY for date night! Good stuff! your blog is super fun to read... keep it up!