14 August 2007

Dinner of Champions

Dinner so far this week

Sunday: Homemade Pizza
Monday: Frozen Pasta
Tuesday: Frozen Pizza
Tomorrow: Probably more frozen pasta

delicious eh?

In other news...

After weeks of trying to find a vehicle that combines the couch-like ride of their Buick with the interior space of her full size van, my mom finally made a purchase. My parents came by to show off my mom's new wheels. She got a Cadillac SRX which is quite spiffy, even though she described it as "small" and said they would still take the Buick if they went out to dinner with friends because it is more comfortable. Whatever, take the new car. It's really nice.

I've thought of a new item to include in my daily posts called "Today Tassie Ate"

Today Tassie ate:
3 Balls out of anna's ball pit (Sorry Ben - xmas gift giver)
1 colored pencil

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