21 August 2007

I need a money tree

So I'm picking up the kids tonight and notice a sign by the tuition drop box. They are raising their rates for the first time. $10 per week per child. At first this didn't sound too bad. Then I realized this is another $80/month. This is $80 more a month that we already don't have.

Half of the money I make goes to cover daycare costs. I look at it this way because if I didn't work we wouldn't have this expense. I'm already taking my lunch every day, I've cut out my beloved Starbucks and I haven't been to a mall in months. Plus my car needs new brake pads and then new tires before winter.

Money sucks. Honestly, I hate it right now.

In happier news...

My sweatheart of a husband cooked me dinner tonight. Steamed salmon, veggies and homemade biscuits. Yum. It was super tasty considering I ate a leftover hotdog for lunch.

Today Tassie Ate:
Part of an onion
3 balls from the ball pit (I guess this will continue until they are all gone. We started with 70 balls)
Shredded 1 toy catalog
The rules to Candy Land


aittaniemi said...

#1 - I love it that you own the game Candy Land. Was that your favorite growing up? It's the BEST game. Tassie eats the funniest things.

#2 - LOVE IT that your hubbie made you dinner. Homemade biscuits? Hello?! Yummie! Very impressed with his baking skills.

olsonbd said...

Crisis solved....