15 August 2007

Life in my 30's

Last week I visited my best friend in Hershey PA for a long overdue girls weekend. It was the MOST adorable little city with white picket fences, corn fields and hanging potted flowers on every lamp post. Plus, who wouldn't want to live where it smells like chocolate?

So this is just how girly it was. We watched a DVR'd episode of Oprah about life in your 30's. It profiled many different women in their 30's and life issues they are facing. Some were still dating, one was divorced, one facing infertility, one a mom of eight, and so on. One woman said she sat down and wrote her obituary at 30, to see if she would have any regrets.

My friend (who turns 30 today - happy birthday!) and I found this fascinating. We vowed to do this. There is something about turning 30 that sort of makes you look at life from a different perspective. So I am taking on this challenge... and really not knowing at this point if I will have any regrets.


Cara was cheerful, genuine and especially social. She loved the color pink and will be laid to rest with her favorite pair of high heels. She loved to watch competitive cheerleading on ESPN and live concerts with synchronized back up dancers. She expressed her creativity most recently through scrapbooking photos of her family, with lots of wizbangs.

She taught her daughter that it is possible for a woman to have a fulfilling job she enjoys AND be a great mom. She enjoyed spending time with her daughter by going on walks, to silly G movies and shopping. To her daughter she passes on her love of Target and the importance of spending time with friends.

She was always an entrepreneur, selling home-made newspapers in 4th grade, walking neighborhood dogs in 6th grade and starting a web design business in her 20's. She successfully sold her business to an internet consultancy before having her daughter.

She adored her handsome and devoted husband and very much appreciated his commitment to supporting his family. She unconditionally loved both of her children. The favorite part of her day was picking up her kids from daycare when her daughter would run to her with open arms and her baby boy would break into his biggest grin revealing his dimples.

She always made time for friends and was passionate about their dreams and determined to help them through any struggles. She tried to be a good listener, even if she had a child crying in one ear, another peeing her pants, dinner cooking on the stove and two dogs wrestling in the background over an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She very much loved the support of her parents and their ability to be the nearly-perfect grandma and papa.

She is survived by her dear husband and children, brothers, parents, grandparents, many cousins and two crazy dogs. She will be dearly missed and we will think of her each time we hear Lucky by Britney Spears or Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson.


This isn't meant to be depressing but rather insightful. I think I'll ponder it and write my reflections in another post. I'd love to see yours if you've written one, please post a link in the comments below or email it to me.

In other news, we booked our vacation trip this evening. We're going to Key West. Yea! Please begin praying that I don't throw up on the smaller airplane.

And finally. Today Tassie Ate:
1 rubber bottom off of a coaster
Something red and plastic
and she shredded one magazine

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aittaniemi said...

AWW! Love this! Great pic! Also love your obituary. Very clever write, you are. Here's to a fabulous decade of 30ness! :-)