22 August 2007

Ummmm. Helllloooo.

I had a four hour meeting today. So when that was done I drove from the other side of the earth to the our daycare. It was raining. So this meant I was in the car for one hour and 10 minutes. I think I was mostly driving 25 miles an hour on the interstate. Thank God I have a chatty friend who is willing to entertain me while I drive.

I get bored in the car. I get restless. And what is with these people who don't know driving etiquette? If I let you over then YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO WAVE AT ME in your rearview mirror. Insert Dane Cook... Ummm. Hellllooooo.

On the bright side, I got to see a huge rainbow near the end of my commute. Little things.

This morning Anna was in her highchair eating cheerios with berries watching higgleytown heroes while I was checking my email and waiting for coffee to brew (she was up super early and this after I ended up sleeping part of the night in her bed after she had a nightmare) when Tassie barked.

Anna said "Shhhhh. Tassie no barking, you're gonna wake Carter up." In her loudest soft voice.

She sounds exactly like me. It's scary.


Today Tassie Ate:
1 baby doll's bottle

Not sure who the culprit of this mess is that I discovered this morning:

These used to be red envelopes.

But it's not as bad as this mess. This happened long before I started the blog:

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