29 August 2007

Aren't these cool....

I'm off on Thursdays. So tomorrow is my day off. Good plans so far.

- Carter to well checkup, probably turning into sick checkup since he's had diahreaa for 3 days.
- Lunch with my mom and the kids
- Visit my grandma to get more old pictures and stories.

As mentioned in an earlier post one of the many projects I'm working on right now is a scrapbook for my grandparents for christmas. I'm collecting more info and pictures and then I plan to plug away at ancestry.com for a month to get as much cool info as possible. I'm planning to probably do a Kodak Gallery album. I did one of these last Christmas for both my parents and my inlaws and it was a hit. It's faster than doing a scrapbook completely by hand, and I think will be better in this case cause I don't think my grandparents would be too hip on all the embellishments anyway.

But check out these old photos. I just think these are cool. I guess this is what is cool when you get old cause I remember my mom trying to get me interested in this stuff long ago and I had no interest whatsoever.

My grandma

My grandpa

Their wedding photo


Lots of organizing today. Bouncy seat is out. Swing is out. Carter is already too old for these. Breast pump out. Oversized boppy out. Walker toys in. It's a constant rotation of toys and clothes.

Both suitcases unloaded and put away. Kitchen island is emerging. All good stuff.

Still need to pull all the pics off the camera since the card is full. This has been on the to-do list for weeks.


Today Tassie Ate:

No words necessary

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