22 March 2008

Thanks Zach.


My mom calls to say that her and my brother Zach, who was in town to go to the NAIA games with my dad, wanted to meet me at BR (that's Banana Republic for those of you who should shop more), to buy me a bday present.

Who am I to say no?!

Trip to the plaza, another gorgeous day (little windy). He bought me the cutest bright yellow Mr Rodgers cardigan sweater which was on sale. I can't wait to wear it with a navy tank I have and dressy-denim skirt. Not sure which shoes yet. I think I need some shiny yellow patent leather flip flops or something.

Then on to Lillibelle which is this adorable kids store on the plaza. They have very rocker-like t shirts for the boys and the cutest dresses for girls. Little pricey. But very original.

I got a Peanut Shell sling I have been pondering for months. Now that Royals season is approaching I need a better way to carry a 25 pound child through the parking lot and up and down stairs. And I really could have used it at Disney on Ice the other night as we waited for 10,000 people with three year olds to go up a single stairwell at the parking garage. I definitely think my right bicep is bigger than my left. I think it's going to work out great. Can't wait to use it.

Thanks Zach for my new sweater! Hope you had a safe ride home.

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