13 March 2008

Chicken Pot Chicken Pot Chicken Pot Pie

So the recipe turned out great (link at right from Paula Dean)! I didn't cook and chop the carrots I just added one cup frozen carrots with the frozen peas. And I didn't use individual bowls, I just did one casserole. I also only used one puff pastry sheet, which was enough, not sure why this calls for four. I changed the cooking time from 5 to 13 minutes since I didn't do individual bowls. The only change I would make next time is to add at least one tsp salt. Kids LOVED it. And Kevin and I enjoyed it. I would make it again.

My friend Molly recommended edamame as a side item. I've never had this! She said it's delish and only takes a few minutes to boil. Then add kosher salt. Something about shelling them with your teeth to eat them that's fun - might have to pick some up on my Sunday grocery trip to try it out.

I also recommended a side item recipe I learned from Candi. Cook couscous (also very fast) add chopped cucumber, tomato, feta and olive oil. Refrigerate for a few minutes to cool down. This is great in the summer when we have grown too many tomatoes and I'm eating them with every meal.

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