04 March 2008

Flower Girl

So after finally finding a flower girl dress for Anna that I thought would look nice with the bride's dress, and getting bride's approval, I went to purchase the dress last Saturday.

Drove to the store (about 20 minutes away). I had just been there two weeks ago.

Store empty. Sign on door about "being good on orders" etc. Uh, great.

So after looking for it online I found a store with it. It said it was $99 but when I added it to my cart it was $129 plus tax was like $140. Uh, little more than I wanted to pay. Contacted them, it should work if it doesn't call us bla bla. Yea that would be great if you were open at 8:45 pm when I'm trying to order. I don't have time to deal with this during the day.

Found it on another site tonight, for $79. Yea! So I paid extra for four week shipping so that just in case something is wrong with it I might have a week or two to figure something out. This will also give us any time to do alterations.

Cross fingers! I have tights for her. Now we just need shoes for her.

My Starbucks Barista just emailed me that the Stride Rite at the Legends Outlet opens this month so I'm going to see if maybe we can get something out there. Carter will need some shoes to wear to the wedding too.

I have the cutest outfits for him to wear to the rehearsal dinner and wedding!

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