10 March 2008

The newest addition to our family

Is the Poker Table that Kevin built.

It is lovely. And it doubles as the perfect Settler of Catan Cities and Knights game table. It has also given us a new reason to spend time in our basement.

Love it!


Goal Update

Today: 131
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 7
Pounds To Go: 6

Over half way there! It's been the only good thing about being sick for the last 10 days. Carter had an ear infection, me and the kids all had the flu and Anna even had double pink eye to top it all off. I lost my voice and still have a cough that makes it hard to breathe. But overall we're on the up and up! Knock on wood.


Susan said...

Wow! That table rocks! And good job on the weight loss you're almost at your goal! Being sick does help I think. I lost 3 pounds with bronchitis so that was a nice boost. Brian and I are booking our Hawaii trip this week so that's one helluva motivator to get in shape.

Stephanie said...

that table is awesome I am so impressed and Chip will be so jealous that he is not wood working too!!! Good job on the weight! The 2nd baby weight is killing me! Happy Birthday Saturday!