01 March 2008


The number of days everyone was healthy.

After Anna and I got our nails done on Thursday the daycare called saying Carter had a fever. Got him home and it was 102. Then after dinner Anna started running a fever. Yesterday it got up to 103.5.

Her and Kevin are still making the trek to Rolla today for his brother's couples wedding shower. Sorry everyone who is there, I'm pretty sure she is still contagious so enjoy that cough and fever. I meanwhile am staying in town to go to a co-worker's bachelorette party since we are not going to her wedding because we are going to Kevin's brother's wedding. Unfortunately I can't be in two places at once.

I have caught the cough from Anna and Carter, but I'm determined to party it up on my one girls night out for the year! We are starting the night off with a pole dancing class. Should be entertaining to say the least.

Carter has so much congestion it is coming out of his eyes. It's pretty gross.


Goal Update it's been awhile since I posted

Today: 134
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 4
Pounds To Go: 9

I was stuck at 133 for about a week. Then I had a few bad eating days this week. Thursday went like this: free McDonald's burrito, McDonalds for lunch, Taco Bueno for dinner. Yesterday my mom brought donuts, after I had just had to slices of cinnamon raisin toast, lunch was a chicken gyro, dinner was Papa Johns pizza. So now that I have gorged myself maybe I can get back on track today ??

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Susan said...

your poor little boy looks like my baby did a few days ago. Eye's all gunky.