12 March 2008

Happy Thursday to You

Big day off tomorrow (Thursday). Kevin is having 7 cubic yards of dirt delivered. I'm taking my car to Volvo for a recall fix. Woo hoo.

What's new?

I have a new Account Coordinator at the office. She is helping me tremendously.

Started Prednisone tonight to begin to get rid of this cough. It sucks when you can't breathe. Sort of a necessity.

Today was picture day at daycare. Today Anna also fell off the playground equipment and landed on her back. They called me an hour after it happened to let me know she was still crying about it. I decided since she wasn't having trouble breathing and they had waited an hour to call me that it couldn't be that bad. I think it is just bruised, although you can't see anything on her back.

Anna's job this week is the flag holder. I really need to get her version of the pledge of allegience on video. It's hystercal. "I pledge allegent to the flag of the united states of comerica."

Oh Carter has a new tooth - a big one on the top right. And three more coming in. No wonder he's been such a grump. Did you know they make Orajel in Q-Tip swab form? You break one end of the QTip to get the medicine to run into the other cotton end and then rub it on their teeth. Genius. This is so much better than putting it on your finger and putting your finger in their mouth so that they bite you.

I celebrated reaching 130 pounds by enjoying a Brownie Bling Pothole Concrete from Sheridan's Frozen Custard. Yum.


Goal Update

Today: 130
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 8
Pounds To Go: 5

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