02 March 2008

The morning after

Had a really great girls night out. Dark Horse Tavern, Dueling Piano bar, One 80, America's Pub. I had never been to any of these places - it's been years since I went to westport.

We didn't make it to the pole dancing class - I was in bed shivering with a fever and waiting for my drugs to start working. I totally have whatever Anna and Carter have given me, which I think is the flu. I wish I felt better today so I could enjoy the 70 degree weather outside, even though it is really really windy. I have just been very lazy and trying to feel better since I have the whole house to myself and Sonar right now. It is so quiet!

Crazy girl pics to come later - they are on Candi's camera.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Good for you for doing the girl's night on top of the flu. You are more of a woman than I am.