04 March 2008

The House of Sick

My health went downhill on Sunday and yesterday Anna and I laid on the couch all day with the curtains drawn and the lights off watching movies and cartoons all day while letting Carter do pretty much anything he wanted. We all took two naps and felt a little better today. No fevers for the kids, yea! So everyone got drugs this morning and went to school and work. But we are all coughing up our lungs and dealing with snot faucets for noses. Anna's eye is draining now. It's weird, I don't think it's pink eye because the whites of her eye seem white, but the skin below it is all puffy and red. She said it doesn't itch so that's good.

Can I find a positive in all this sickness?


Goal Update

Today: 132
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 6
Pounds To Go: 7

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