13 March 2008

Art by Annika

This is one of the first family pictures she has drawn. Kevin says this is a development milestone when she started drawing heads with legs. I also love how the eyes have eyelashes and everyone gets some spike hair. I am the one in the middle, Anna is the lower left and Carter is the lower right. Daddy is on the back for some reason. Not sure who the peanut gallery is in the top left.

This one I love because of all the colors, letters and little circles.

This has been her big passion for the past two weeks or so. She is VERY into coloring and she now stays within the lines. When she tries to tear them out of the coloring book it usually rips the picture in half, so she says she has to make me another one. I probably get at least 3 a day. The book we have is mostly dinosaurs and reptiles apparently.

This one I love because she wrote her name at the top. And one of the N's isn't quite right. So cute!

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