22 March 2008

Road Trip

One of my best friends had a FABULOUS idea this week. Road Trip. Day Trip. Drive to the Osage Beach Outlet Malls and back in a day.

Thursday. We dropped the kids off at daycare, got some starbucks and hit the road, an hour later than planned. Drive down was great - great conversation, great music, very little traffic. I used my cruise control for the first time in years.

We got there, visited the info booth to get our extra VIP discounts, and maps. We then ate lunch and made our plan of attack. After all, we needed to be efficient in our few hours. People were laughing at us as we marked our maps with pens and prioritized our stores.

I did some damage at JCrew but got some EXCELLENT items. A dress to wear to my brother in law's wedding next month, plus cardigan, two pair of flip flops with polka dotted ribbons (so cute), a sweater, a cute tank for summer even if it does show a lot of boob, a tshirt, plus pants and polo for kevin.

We proceeded to hit BCBG MaxAzaria, BR and Gymboree. It rocked. We only wished we could have stayed longer to also hit the Tommy Hilfiger Kids outlet, Carter's and Osh Kosh.

It took longer to get back than to get down there. We made it there JUST IN TIME to pick up the kids from daycare before they closed. Whew!

A great day with a great friend. Loved it!

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