15 January 2008

What are you building in your back yard?

Yesterday we got home to find a message on the answering machine from our home owners association asking us to call because someone had inquired about what we are building in our backyard.

Kevin and I looked at each other puzzled. We're not building anything in the backyard. I tried to think of something. anything.

Do they mean the garden?

Kevin recently replaced our old raised garden beds with new raised beds. They are slightly bigger. but really. the garden?

He called and speculated if this might be it. Are you sure you aren't building a structure? No, no structure.

Ok. whatever. This isn't our first "encounter" with our hoa which is apparently comprised of people who really need better things to do.

Kevin said he did see some lady walk between our yards to our backyard and then back out the other day. She has two little dogs. I know who she is. She can't even see our house from her house. You can't even see our garden beds from the top of the road coming down to our house. People are crazy. I mean really. we didn't paint the house purple.


Yesterday did the Bikini Ready workout on exercise.tv. Feeling that today. Tonight I did two ten minute "videos" one for lower body and one for yoga/abs.

I learned something new about myself that I never really realized.

I prefer my instructors to be women. And hot women. I prefer to look at someone and workout that I want to look like.

No starbucks so far this week. i know, its a travesty.

Goal Update - same four days in a row

Today: 137
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 1
Pounds To Go: 12

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Ramsey said...

So crazy. We think alike. I also like my fitness instructors to be hot women. Small world huh?