20 January 2008


I have lost about 2 pounds. Meanwhile my husband has lost 8. 8! I'm really happy for him, but this is so frustrating. Why can men lose weight so much easier than women? He says he can tell I've been working out so that is really nice to hear and motivation to keep going.

I'm going to buy heavier handweights today. I'm not sure what the ones are that I'm using - maybe 3 pounds - but Tassie ate the rubber covering off of one anyway so my hand smells like metal after I use it, which is a little gross to me. Not to mention that I need something heavier to work harder.

Anna spent the night with grandma and papa last night so I hung out with the men in my life. Carter slept in after needing his binky and a back pat around 5:30 am. Ever since he got sick a few weeks ago he has not been the sleep angel he once was. Since I didn't get up until 8:30 I might not need the nap I had planned for today.

Kevin and I watched one of our Blockbuster of the month videos - Children of Men. Talk about depressing and dark and morbid and violent at times. Kevin says what do you expect from a movie about an approaching apocolypse? Well, true.

I think Carter is really enjoying being the only child around here this morning. Yesterday was the first day since Wed that he was fever-free. He is very loving, he keeps coming up to my leg and hugging me. And he is really talking a lot more. We have to tell him to take his binky out so we can understand him. I think he said "more" and "cracker."



Trip to the mall yesterday - my place of worship. Carter needed new shoes. I didn't realize how bad. He was wearing a size 3 1/2 and needed a 5! I have to buy these at Stride Rite because he has to have a wide. He has really thick feet. In fact, one pair he tried on he needed an XX wide.

If anyone knows of any stores that sell childrens shoes in wides besides Stride Rite please leave a comment. I have been having my mom stock up on these when she goes to visit my brother in Flordia where there is a stride rite outlet and the same $50 shoes are $15 no kidding. Luckily the lady said they are putting in an outlet at the Legends - yea can't wait!


I believe in a delayed reaction when it comes to weight loss. So that pizza from the other night caught up with me today.

Goal Update

Today: 137
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 1
Pounds To Go: 12

Goal Update - Yesterday

Yesterday: 135 - wow feeling really good about this
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 3
Pounds To Go: 10


Amanda said...

Um yah, David eats like a whole frozen pizza every night. Never works out and if he feels like running it's no big deal to do like 3 miles...grr.

Heidi said...

Aaron LOOKS at a salad and loses 2 pounds.

If I can remember to do it, I'll post my weight updates here as well. We have the same goal.

Today: 131.8
Pounds lost: 3.2
Goal: 125 in 4 weeks to wear a bathing suit in public.