06 January 2008

One Step Forward Two Steps Back

So turns out they are not having Zumba on Saturday mornings anymore at the dance studio. It will be on Sunday mornings (not when Anna has class) and doesn't start until next week.

So instead of Zumba we took a walk for about an hour and 15 minutes yesterday. I pushed two kids in the double stroller (together they weigh 50 lbs) in the wind.

Today I might try to do a run with Tassie. [insert laughing here] We've been watching Dog Whisperer marathons so I'm delusional about my ability to be a calm assertive pack leader.

And in other news - Carter is still sick. And I'm sick of him being sick. Everyone was up bright and early today as Carter cried for an hour not wanting anything except to cry. Not good times. I am not very good at listening to incessant crying where they want to be held but then arch their back and make it impossible to hold them. Dealing with this for long periods of time literally makes me want to pull my hair out.


Goal Update

One Step Forward (had lost a pound. probably water weight. now have gained a pound. well two if you count the one i had lost)

Today: 139
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: -1
Pounds To Go: 14

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Susan Schavee said...

Way to hand in there and find alternative methods of exercise.
The dog walking thing is a challenge and I would be happy to share my experiences with Hank (following the Dog Whisperer method) One thing I've found when walking Hank and praciticing being a calm, assertive pack leader is that once I get to the state of mind, I can apply it in other areas of my life. Like work. Like family. Like -everything.