01 January 2008

Happy 2008

I need more coffee but I'm gonna go ahead and give this a shot even though I'm under-caffeinated.

So just like everyone else I'm planning to shed my extra pounds. Mine are leftover from the second child. I am starting with exercise. Several weeks ago when Anna looked at my stomach and asked me if I was having another baby was pretty much the last motivation I needed to get off my ass. On the 30th I went downstairs and (after taking 10 minutes to figure out how to turn on the TV, sound and cable) started an OnDemand video workout. The first one was a joke. I made it about 5 minutes in and was totally lost. I went back to the menu and did an Ab one that promised no crunches. It was ok, but a reverse crunch is still a crunch. Feeling like I still needed cardio I browsed the menu under Slim and Sexy, after all that's what I want to be. I found a Carmen Electra Hip Hop routine which was totally up my alley. It was like being a cheerleader again. Yesterday I headed to the basement again and did two routines (these are pretty short - like 10-15 min each) from the playboy mansion girls. Kendra's had some martial arts moves and Holly's was mostly her counting to 8. It was pretty entertaining just for the absurd things they say during the routine. Needless to say I'm already feeling the burn, so at least it's working. I also started weighing myself everyday. Starting at 138 my goal is 125. Let's be honest I'd love to be at 120 and if I can get to 125 I think I can get to 120 but I also want to be realistic. May 1 is my deadline, that gives me four months, or 16 weeks to lose 13 pounds. That's about a pound a week so should be do-able.


Carter is now pointing at what he wants. Earlier today he wanted his binky which was on the counter so he pointed to it. This makes things so much easier. A little while later he walked from the toy (aka dining) room to the kitchen and stood at the highchair because he wanted a drink of milk.

He also completely understands what I'm saying. The other night he was fussy and I asked him if he was ready to go night night. He walked to the gate at the bottom of the stairs and looked at me like, I thought you'd never ask, take me to bed mommy.

He has also taken to cuddling with his blankie when he sleeps and it's so cute to see him hold it by his head like Linus.


We enjoyed a completely kid-free dinner last night with our friends. This was really nice since last Friday we went out to eat and I experienced the most embarrassing dinner with children ever as Carter proceeded to throw everything on the floor and yell in the restaurant. I think we left a $15 tip to compensate for all the chips and cheerios we left behind, in addition to the lack of tip from the other angry patrons I'm sure. The old people didn't seem to mind, they thought he was so cute as he waved goodbye to them on their way out. Anyways, it was nice to eat a completely hot meal, and to feed myself first not having to feed other mouths before I get a bite. I didn't have to get up to take anyone potty in the middle and I got to have "adult" conversation.


New blog piece (not nearly as much fun as Today Tassie Ate, but Tassie only eats sheetrock and insulation now)

Goal Update

Today: 138
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 0
Pounds To Go: 13

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Stephanie said...

You go Girl! I hear after the second its not as easy! I am scared!