29 January 2008

Dead as a doornail

Yesterday when I left work my car wouldn't start. A coworker was nice to try to jump it with his car but only the headlights and radio would come on then. Kevin had to pick up the kids since I couldn't so I called my dad to see what he could do. Luckily the wind was only blowing about 50 miles an hour.

He hooked it up to his car and it started right up. It drove fine the whole way home. This morning - dead as a doornail. Luckily another coworker lives around the corner and she gave me a ride and my dad gave me a ride home. I had to cancel one meeting and do the other as a web conference so it worked out ok.

Kevin replaced the battery and voila - starts like a charm tonight. Thanks sweetie!


Goal Update - uh i haven't really weighed myself for a few days

I did the 45 minute walk on Sunday after a two hour nap. Both refreshing. No exercise yesterday, 10 minute abs tonight. Good eating (I think) yesterday and today.

Anna might be my biggest cheerleader. Every night she asks "Can we go to the basement to exercise?" Apparently this is her cool one-on-one mommy time.

Today: 138
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 0
Pounds To Go: 13

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