08 January 2008

Keep Counting to 8 Holly - You Sound Like A Genius

I spent 15 minutes with Holly today and 10 minutes doing abs with someone else. We ate salmon for dinner and I think Carter might have had a mild allergic reaction - his face got red and a little blotchy. But it's hard to say because he'd been crying for awhile before that so it may have just been the big fit he threw. Or the strawberries he also ate. Maybe not the best dinner combination for two first time foods for him.


Ok really - this whole Hillary crying deal - what is wrong with her? There's no crying when you're running for President. I wish I liked her more because I'd like to vote for a woman president but I just can't.


Goal Update

Today: 138
Goal: 125
Pounds Lost: 0
Pounds To Go: 13

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