06 January 2008

One Word

So one of my very favorite blogs to read is Ali Edwards and for several years now she selects a single word to represent her year. In 2006 her word was Play. Last year her word was Peace and this year it is Vitality. A lot of readers have also posted their words which you can read here and read here to learn more about one little word.

So I keep asking myself, what is my word? I am really having a hard time choosing just one. I like calm, new, peace, moment, optimism. I am still deciding. What is your word?


Took a one hour walk pushing just Anna today. It was nice to be away from Carter for awhile (sorry sweetie I do love you) and I think being in the sun did wonders for my mood and fatigue.

Grocery shopping this morning with just Carter (thanks Kevin for taking Anna) and we have meals planned through at least Wednesday.

I have not committed to making any eating habit changes yet. I thought I should just tackle one thing at a time and I'm starting with exercise. But I did order a salad at McDonalds yesterday and am trying to eat fish at least once a week. I bought whole grain wheat (yes I checked the label to make sure it is the first ingredient) reduced calorie bread. But I also got Smirnoff Ices and I love my non-fat starbucks coffee. Baby steps.

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Amanda said...

funny but I did pick a word, mine is gratitude.