13 January 2008

Weekend Update

Yesterday we didn't leave the house. I lost count on how many loads of laundry we did and put away. We ran out of hangers for the kids clothes. Dishes, toy pickup, attempt to clear the kitchen island, and on. It looked pretty good, which is a nice feeling and then Sam and Candi came over and we grilled burgers and brawts and had a yummy dinner pretending it was 70 degrees when it was only 30.

Then we played Settlers of Catan with the Cities and Knights expansion. (self admittedly nerds). We've been playing quite a bit of this game lately. Everyone had won at least once, except Kevin and it's his game. He finally won the second game last night, so hopefully he'll keep playing with us some more. This has pretty much replaced spades for us in the last few months.

I forgot to take Anna to dance yesterday. What is wrong with my brain?

Today we went to see my friend Kim and her two boys. We've been trying to get together for Christmas but her baby was sick then Carter was sick. Finally we were all well, yea! We swapped gifts and Anna had a blast playing with Julian. They are just six weeks apart and like two peas in a pod. They have the most hysterical conversations together.

Anna: "Julian come sit on this couch with me."
Julian: "I don't have time right now."

or something like that. It was pretty funny.

And I loved catching up with Kim, we just don't see each other enough. Since she also has two kids and works four days a week we have a lot in common.

When Carter finally tired and we had completely destroyed their house with toys (sorry Kim, come destroy ours next time!) we were off for our errands. Target, bank, stop by nail salon and leave tip that I realized I forgot to do on Friday, grocery store and home.

Sunday is Amazing Race night. We have watched this show since season 1 and have always thought Kevin and I would be awesome on here. Much better than the two lovey dovey hooligans they had from Kansas that one season. I used to tell people this and one time somebody said "You guys would argue a lot.... [pause] yea, you should do it. I want to watch." I'm honestly not really sure. We do argue about directions. Kevin is, after all, some map reading champion or something - you can leave the exact "title" in the comments honey.

Haven't exercised since Tuesday. Oops. If only laundry, dishes, and chasing after kids counted.

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Kim said...

That comment by Julian makes Jason and I look like terrible parents! I totally agree, we need to hang out more often!