19 December 2009

Poor Carter

Poor Carter has eczema everywhere. It looks awful and he said it doesn't feel good and it must be itchy cause he keeps scratching. It's the worst on his left shoulder and arm, down the right side of his body and behind his knees. His cheeks are pretty red too. I literally have been covering him head to toe in Aquaphor the last two nights.

Tonight I had used up the rest of the Aquaphor I had so I went to Walmart and bought two of the biggest tubs they had. I joked that I needed to get it at Sam's Club but Carter didn't understand and kept asking me if I got the "medicine" from Sam.

I also got a prescription filled that we got at his checkup on Thursday (when it actually didn't look too bad but took a turn for the worse on Friday). We also started a humidifier in his room tonight. In addition he has a light rash covering his entire body. I've been giving him Benadryl but it doesn't seem to make it go away.

He also had two bloody noses today. I ended up making him stand in the bathtub until he would quit crying cause otherwise blood was just getting everywhere, including on me and the rug.

I think he and I are ready to move somewhere warmer.

I ventured out to Toys R Us today and had pretty good success. I think I was there for over two hours. They were sold out of Lincoln logs and doll clothes. Seriously. I also can't seem to find the game Simon. I thought Anna might like that game but maybe they don't make it anymore. I'll have to look for it online.

My mom and I took the kids to see The Princess and the Frog. It was pretty cute. I think Carter ate an entire large bag of popcorn. I thought he would take a nap but he didn't fall asleep until after we left and were driving home.

Tomorrow we have Christmas #1 of four Christmases in less than a week. I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I only have to work Monday through Wednesday so that's good.

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