26 December 2009

Christmas #3 - Santa Claus Comes to Town

Anna woke up first. She came into our bedroom and asked me if she could watch cartoons. Ok I said. I turned them on and as she is sitting on the couch her eyes got wide and she said Santa Came! But she still didn't get up to go check everything out. I think she even said something like "I think I see my DS"

I actually went back to bed and she watched cartoons for a few minutes. But Kevin and I knew it would be long so we went ahead and drug ourselves up. We also wanted to see how much snow we had gotten. Finally Anna said she wished Carter would wake up and I told her she could go wake him.

She came out and said that he said he didn't want to get up. She came downstairs and I was headed up to get him when he peeked his head around the corner from his room and got that twinkle in his eye when he realized Santa had come.

Anna got a Nintendo DS with Dora Puppy game. She was obsessed with it all day. She also got a cow webkinz and rainbow markers that click together, all from Santa. Carter got a digital camera, a dump truck and a pillow with Slugger and his name on it from Santa.

From mommy and daddy they got books, Anna got doll house toys and Carter got more Geo Trax train toys.

Afterwards we bundled up to play in the snow. But it was bitterly cold and windy so we only lasted a few sleds before coming inside to warm up with hot chocolate and oatmeal.

The roads were too bad so Kevin's parents decided to wait until Saturday to come up so we headed to Sam and Candi's in the afternoon. The Christmas they were supposed to be hosting also got cancelled because of the weather. So we helped them eat a nine pound roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and green bean casserole. I also ate quite a few peanut butter balls.

This year didn't really feel like Christmas to me. Even with the snow and the kids being really into it. Not sure why. I have felt unprepared all month. I started out so good getting the decorations up early but too many hours at work this month made me a bit of a scrooge at the end.

Plus I hate the cold as I might have mentioned a few times.

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